principal estate sales listings

8/8/2020 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

8/9/2020 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Dayton, Ohio 45440

---PANDEMIC CHANGES AND ADJUSTMENTS:--- No one will be permitted without a mask. I know, a lot of people hate masks (including me!), but’s either this, or we wait this thing out. If you do not have a mask, you can buy one from us for $1. $2 if you complain. ;) PLEASE do not attend the sale if you are sick in any way. We have at risk customers, and my conscience can’t deal with putting them in a compromised situation. If you cannot attend the sale, or would like to utilize curbside pick up, text Matt at 937.580.9419. Call if you can’t text, but texting will net you the quickest response. In person shoppers will get 1st priority on all items, and we will not sell anything prior to opening. 10 people max will be allowed in. We will move people through as quickly as we can. There will be markers in the yard that are 6 feet apart for waiting, or you can give us your number and we’ll call you when it’s your turn (we are vehemently opposed to giving out your personal information, and all numbers will be permanently destroyed after we use them). Hand sanitizer will be provided, as well as hand washing stations. We will be sanitizing touch points, as well as taking other necessary precautions throughout the sale. Y’all know the rules. We all know them. Let’s follow them. These measures are hopefully temporary, and we appreciate your support. OK. Enough of the pleasantries. This is a truly spectacular sale. You will find top notch Rococo / Gothic antique furnishings in nearly every room - they should actually be in an exhibit. Take, for example, the dining suite. Dating back to the Belle Epoque period, circa 1890, it is entirely constructed of French close grain walnut, with book matched burled walnut veneers on the drawer fronts and panels. Remarkably, even the interiors of the doors are fully finished as flat surfaces with corresponding walnut veneers, which speaks to the finest cabinetmaking techniques, with no regard for cost. The very best of the 18th century French furniture was finished in this manner, so that the interior was just as beautiful and exquisite as the exterior. It is constructed with the finest quality, closely grained European walnut. The buffets boast Egyptian style black marble tops with gold veining (one still dons the original, legitimate Egyptian marble - the most costly marble used during this era, which rarely ever survives as it is notoriously brittle). Please take time to read the appraisal that will accompany the set - it is absolutely incredible. The furnishings in the rest of the house are equally beautiful and unique, I can assure you. There are also typical household fillers, garage items, kitchenware, books, media, and some super cute mid-century pieces! In the garage, there are a multitude of cabinets, as well as a large vintage Meade telescope! As usual, we’ll post more photos as we uncover more treasures, so be sure to check back! We do not reveal prices before the sale opening, we do not pre-sell, and we cannot hold any items. EVERY ITEM IS FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED. The Pope himself would have to wait his place in line. We have sold stickers available upon entry - just let us know you need some! Please address any questions / comments in person at the sale. See below for information regarding entrance numbers and sale procedures. Feel free to follow us on facebook at! If you’re in the market for an estate sale, we provide free consultations, so give us a call (937.270.7701), or schedule online here - HTTPS://PRINCIPAL.AS.ME ---Terms and Conditions:--- 1. ENTER THIS PREMISES AT YOUR OWN RISK. PRINCIPAL ESTATE SALES IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR INJURY, ILLNESS, LOSS OR DAMAGES TO PROPERTY, VEHICLES OR PERSONS. NEITHER IS THE HOMEOWNER. 2. ENTRY: Due to Ohio’s pandemic mandate, a maximum of 10 people will be permitted inside at any given time. Kept at capacity as people exit, usually the waiting time is minimal. ENTRY NUMBERS: A sign in list will be posted on the front door of the premises! We expect everyone will behave in a fair and dignified manner with regard to the self regulating nature of this process. If you are not present when your name is called, you will be bumped to the back of the line. 3. PAYMENT for items may be made via cash or credit card. An additional 3% convenience fee will be added to credit card purchases, and proper ID is required. 4. ALL SALES FINAL. ALL ITEMS ARE SOLD AS IS. WE DO NOT ISSUE REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES. 5. ROADSIDE PARKING ONLY. Driveway reserved for large item pick up. Please park safely and legally at all times. Principal Estate Sales is not responsible for any accidents, damage, fines, tickets, theft, injury or any other mishap that can occur as a result of parking on a public street. Neither is the homeowner. Please be respectful of neighbors. 6. BRING HELP TO LOAD ITEMS. We do not offer moving services for large items. We do, however, have a decently priced company we can refer you to - ask us for their card! All items must be removed by 3pm Sunday, unless other arrangements are made PRIOR to purchase. 7. BE RESPECTFUL, COURTEOUS, USE COMMON SENSE. ANY VIOLATION WILL RESULT IN REMOVAL. Principal Estate Sales is not liable for any falls, injuries, and/or accidents incurred on premises. Neither is the homeowner. 8. OFFER BOX: You may leave an offer on any item. PLEASE NOTE: A written offer is considered a legally binding contract. 9. HOLDING STATION: If you start a pile, you are required to purchase EVERY item in it. Your pile is ALL OR NOTHING. It is unfair to other customers, and our clients, if you pull an item from the sale, only to put it back - we have then missed multiple opportunities to sell it. 10. CHILDREN must be DIRECTLY supervised at all times. No exceptions. The risk of them being hurt is too great. 11. PLAY NICE. Admittance into our estate sales is at the sole discretion of the sale director, and may be revoked at any time, for any reason.