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Reaching New Heights in Estate Sales

Principal Estate Sales is on the forefront of estale sale planning and methodologies. We believe this gives us an edge that our clients have come to expect. We're innovators. We employ the right people who can bring our clients the best experience possible in conducting their estate sales. To that end, we are constantly improving our technology and strategies when it comes to estate sale management and item analysis - we treat these things as they really are - sciences. We're proud to be advancing the realm of estate sales to a new level, and even prouder to take you, our client, with us!

Consignment Services

Not enough items for a full blown estate sale? Don't sell them for garage sale prices on craigslist! Ask us about our eBay auction consignment services today! Glassware, Pottery, Sterling Silver, Art, Antiques, Collectibles, Old Books, Jewelry, Furniture, Memorabilia and more.

Client Reviews and Testimonials

principal estate sales Our clients have come to expect the best from Principal Estate Sales, and speak for themselves when it comes to how we deliver on those expectations. principal estate sales follow us on facebook

J. Shelton

November 2012

I have had the pleasure of working with Rachel Johnson as my accountant for approximately five years now, and can ensure you that she is a very talented and resourceful individual. She constantly demonstrates competence and quality in her work, and is always striving to learn new concepts. The most important thing I can tell you about her, however, is that her work ethic and her scruples are bar none. I would, without hesitation, wholeheartedly recommend her as an estate sales coordinator. Her experience in accounting, along with her integrity and experience in estate sales in general, all combine to make her the most highly qualified individual you will find.

D. Gorby, CMSgt (ret), USAF

December 2013

I have collaborated with Matthew and Rachel Johnson on a great many projects over the years, from everything to liquidations to landscaping contracts. I have never had a bad experience in our business dealings; they consistently provide excellent customer service and always meet or exceed deadlines. Rachel’s impeccable standards along with Matthew’s knowledge and attention to detail combine nicely to provide the perfect duo.

P. Wheeler

January 2014

In the years I have worked with Rachel she has always shown a few qualities that I rarely get to see together, a willingness to work with people, a stringent sense of conduct, and the drive to make those two meet effectively even when they would otherwise clash.

D. Moses

January 2014

Rachel's knowledge and expertise in estate sales can only be matched by her professional attitude and approach to customer satisfaction. She was able to quickly put together an itemized worth analysis of each item in the estate. She managed the entire process with a highly organized, detail-oriented agenda that fit our goals. Her ability to research item values is simply unmatched. And, when it came time for the sale, her expertise in advertising and sale promotion led us to having a much bigger audience than expected. The sale went smoothly and we got well over what we thought we would in the end. We were very pleased with Rachel's services and will be doing business with her again - she is highly recommended!

S. Williams

December 2013

Dear Rachel:I just wanted to take this time to send a letter of gratitude, and reference, for you and your wonderful team in November. Your professionalism, kindness and understanding during our time of difficulty gives credence to your principles, as a person and a business.As you are aware, having to make the decision to part with my mother’s belongings, and consequently the memories attached to them, after she passed away is something I struggled with greatly. I felt as if I was selling her life, even though I knew that was not the case. Things she had worked so hard for, held onto for years, and a few of those little “treasures” that only she knew what made them so special. As we went through cabinets, drawers, closets and shelves you provided me, not only a shoulder when I needed it, but also proved a pillar of support. I appreciated you laughing with me at the memories of my mother, and your seemingly endless tolerance for idle chatter.During the days of the sale, you helped making the decision to stay home a comfortable one. I wasn’t sure how seeing Mom’s things go out the door would affect me. I was introduced to every member of your team who would be working in my mother’s home. I was assured everything would go as we had planned. When I showed up out of the blue on Saturday, everything was running just as you promised. Matt, Dustin, Steph and Gorby were as equally professional. They showed up on time and ready to go, each with a pleasant attitude, and professional demeanor. So, thank you again for your wonderful services! I know you are just getting started in this business, but I, for one, found you to be seasoned professionals. My family and I wish you many, many years of success. God bless you, and your family.

C. Lynn

January 2014

Rachel was so helpful and very considerate. I found her to be detailed and articulate, ensuring integrity and fairness in all business aspects. She has an amazing gift of research which adds substance to her evaluations and recommendations for each item. She was well-organized separating the items into areas that the customers found easy to navigate which was a big plus. I had a very old pinball machine and she did a lot of research and I made far more than I anticipated. The sale was well advertised and several signs were posted along the road to help people locate the house. Her employees working the sale were professional and helpful. All in all, myself and my family were impressed.

J. Tangherlini, CMSgt (ret), USAF

February 2014

In all my dealings with Rachel and her team, they have exhibited nothing but the utmost integrity, honesty and reliability. Their professionalism is evident in the ease of how they handle a diverse clientele to promote the highest level of customer satisfaction for all parties. Rachel always greets you with a smile and immediately puts you at ease with her confidence and positive can-do attitude. She is hard charging and you can rest assured she WILL get the job done. Without hesitation or reservation, I highly recommend Rachel and her team for all your estate sale needs. Once you meet with Rachel and express your desires, she and her team will do the rest.

Kathy B.

April 2014

Principal Estate Sales hosted my mom’s estate sale this weekend. I am completely satisfied. I have had several garage sales, but determining the prices and selling so many items I had grown up with was overwhelming. Rachel and her associates, with their expertise and hard work made it easy. I believe without a doubt we have more money in our hands than we would have if we had done the sale ourselves.