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Reaching New Heights in Estate Sales

Principal Estate Sales is on the forefront of estale sale planning and methodologies. We believe this gives us an edge that our clients have come to expect. We're innovators. We employ the right people who can bring our clients the best experience possible in conducting their estate sales. To that end, we are constantly improving our technology and strategies when it comes to estate sale management and item analysis - we treat these things as they really are - sciences. We're proud to be advancing the realm of estate sales to a new level, and even prouder to take you, our client, with us!

Consignment Services

Not enough items for a full blown estate sale? Don't sell them for garage sale prices on craigslist! Ask us about our eBay auction consignment services today! Glassware, Pottery, Sterling Silver, Art, Antiques, Collectibles, Old Books, Jewelry, Furniture, Memorabilia and more.

Successful Estate Sale Planning

principal estate sales Our planning methods are what set us apart from other estate sale companies. There is a level of transparency in planning your estate sale that is unmatched in this business. principal estate sales follow us on facebook

Planning is the key to a great estate sale, as it ensures that buyers will not miss anything of interest because it is located in an obscure area of the house. We will spend the week before your sale cleaning, polishing, and professionally displaying the contents of your estate, and it is during this time that all items will be priced. You will be given ample time to walk through and approve the ambience of the sale and the prices on the items. You always have the last say in both of those areas.

Steps for a Successful Estate Sale

  1. Consultation:  We will meet you at the residence of the sale to assess the premises, discuss which options you would like, and get to know your preferences to ensure we tailor your sale to your needs.
  2. Contract:  We will provide you with a written contract to review and agree upon, which will include pricing and any special considerations you would like added.  It will cement your sale dates, and detail the pre sale and post sale agreements.
  3. Preparing:  We spend the week before your sale preparing and pricing your items.  During this time, you will have every opportunity to confer with us about pricing and/or any concerns you may have.
  4. The Sale:  Sales usually take place on Saturdays between 9am and 4pm, and Sundays 10am to 4pm.  These hours help accommodate all types of work schedules, and help ensure you get the maximum turn out for your sale, however you are free to choose other days if you prefer!
  5. Finalizing:  We will have your itemized receipts and ledgers along with your check within 5 to 7 business days.  Everything will be taken care of for you in a professional and courteous manner.